One Dollar Wednesday...fabric covered Easter eggs

Yay! it's April, and that means it's time to decorate for Easter. I love Spring, and I love to decorate my home in the beautiful bright colors of Springtime.

Sooo, I picked up some large plastic eggs at the dollar store the other day. I have nothing against decorating with the plastic eggs, but thought I'd fancy these ones up just a bit.

I cut some fabric strips...

tied a little knot in one end, and glued it to the bottom of my plastic egg. ( I was a little hesitant to use a glue gun, fearing that it wouldn't hold properly, but it worked FABULOUSLY)

Following my tutorial here, I proceded to roll a rose right around my egg.

When I got to the end of a strip of fabric, I just tucked the end of the next strip under, and continued.

This is what I ended up with. Three down, five to go.

It will be fun finding spots around my home to display these eggs. Do you decorate with plastic eggs?