Tidy Tips: Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

I decided a few months ago it was time to tackle my medicine cupboard. I was sick of all the bottles falling out, and I really needed to go through it and dispose of expired medication. While doing this I kept thinking to myself “there has to be a good way to organize this”. I was also in an organizing mood, so I was going through a few of the cupboards in my kitchen. If you anything like me you have oodles of Tupperware. I never am using all of it at once, and I have found that there are certain sizes I rarely use. I then decided that Tupperware would be the perfect way to organize my medications. I divided up the medications by category and then found the Tupperware that would work best, which also is the sizes I rarely use. I then used a dry erase marker to label the outside of each container for easy finding when you need it. The best part is I can always change the label by simply wiping it off. I no longer brace myself for a bottle eruption when I open that cupboard and I think it looks very neat and tidy.