Tidy Tips: Organizing Your Changing Table or Dresser

I grew up in a very clean and tidy home, and in my younger years I didn’t appreciate it. When I hit High School I started to realize that I had inherited this wonderful trait from my Mother. While most high school kid’s bedrooms are a mass of clutter and clothes, mine was quite clean and neat. The older I get the more this becomes a blessing and a curse (sometimes I can get too crazy about it). I love to organize and wish I had more time to do so, but who doesn’t? I am the newest Mom of the bunch and when I started a baby budget, I just couldn’t see the point in getting a changing table. It didn’t make sense to spend money on something you would only be using a short time. My husband and I opted to make our own and IKEA was having a killer deal on the MALM 3 door dresser, it was a steal at only $39! We bought the dresser, attached a changing pad to it and “voila”, instant changing table! A dresser is something that can grow with my child, now the only challenge was how to organize it? I am quite the IKEA lover, they are so good at organizing, and I had bought the KOMPLEMENT drawer organizers ($9.99) for my bedroom dresser. A light bulb went off, wouldn’t they be great to organize all of your changing table supplies! Really, this is a way to make your drawers look amazing and it takes all of about 5 minutes to do. I keep a refillable box of wipes and diaper rash cream on the top on the dresser and everything else is in the top drawer, easily accessible, and ready to use!