Tidy Tips: How to Fold Bags to Save Space

I am not a fan of plastic bags, not only are they not good for the environment, they are a mess to have around the house. As much as I try to remember my reusable ones when I go to the grocery store, I have many times that I forget and end up with a bunch of plastic bags. They can be bulky and a pain to store, but they are good for sack lunches and dog duty. My Mom taught me this great trick which helps store your plastic bags without taking up a ton of room.

First, flatten your bag, then fold it in half twice. Next, start folding it in a triangular pattern, until you reach the end of your bag.

Once you are at the end, tuck the end tab into the folds, and you have your bag in a small triangle. I store them in one of the Tupperware containers that I don't use (remember THIS?) and put them in my drawer with all my other bags. Then my drawer stays tidy!
Easy to use and easy on the eyes!