Birthday Board

I made this birthday board for my mother-in-law last Christmas. It makes a great gift for Moms and Grandmas who have lots of birthdays to remember. I just did the birthdays for immediate family members, but you could go all out and do friends, ect. I started out by purchasing an unfinished 15x20 magnetic board from The Wood Connection. (Sorry there are no before pictures, but I made this almost a year ago.) I painted the border with craft paint, you could also do scrapbook paper along the edge with some modge podge, I was going for the quick and easy route.

You have 2 options for making your months, I chose to do digital scrapping (again quick and easy route), but if you have lots of fun papers, stickers, and embellishments lying around, you could do some cute months with those too. I got the kits from Shabby Princess; it is a wonderful digi scrapping site, where I just downloaded all the free kits. Most of my fonts came from, check it out, there are hundreds of free cute fonts. I just printed the months as 4x6 photos to Costco; then used double sided tape to attach them to the metal board. The “Happy Birthday” is vinyl, my sister in law does vinyl, so it was really easy for me to get it made. If you don’t have access to a vinyl machine, you can always use stickers or glue on dye cuts on as well.

On to the actual birthday magnets. Again you have 2 options, option A is the cheap, quick and easy; option B is the “oh so cute”, more time, more money option. First option A. I just printed out a bunch of names on a 4x6 again, then cut them into rectangles and used a self adhesive magnet strip, cut to size, on the back. (The names have been blurred to protect the innocent. J)

Option B, most craft stores sell these clear round stones that are perfect for making magnets. You print out your names, cut them to size, and use a little E6000 to attach the paper to the back of the stone.

Once it is dry you then attach your magnet (you can buy these at any craft store as well). You can use E6000 to attach your magnet to the back and Tada! Your super cute magnet is done! You can do as many as you need to fill up your birthday board.

Good luck and happy crafting!