It's scrunchie time again

I know that 80's and early 90's fashion is back in a big way. I just don't think that I can "pull off" the scrunchie trend. So I'm going to find another use for these...

I picked my favorite color of the bunch, and got my matching thread.

I used a gather stitch all the way around the scrunchie.

I knotted it off and ended up with this...

I searched through my mom's vintage button collection and added a fun yellow one.

I cut my green scrunchie in half, and folded each piece over and sewed up the end.

I attached my "leaves" to the back of my flower with a little hot glue.

This is what I ended up with...

Added a pin to the back and used it to dress up my daughter's denim jacket.

Can you "pull off" the scrunchie look?