One Dollar Wednesday....Christmas Countdown

Have you been counting down the days until Christmas? Or have you been enjoying your advent calendar? My One Dollar Wednesday craft today is a Christmas Countdown.

This is where I started: baking sheet, garage sale stickers~ Dollar tree; gingerbread cookie stickers~ Joann's; number stickers~Honk's dollar store. I pulled the spray paint from my ENORMOUS spray paint collection.

Because the number stickers weren't the color I wanted, I simply colored them with a permanent marker...

After a "metal primer" coat on the baking sheet, I knew it was ready to get "dotty"...


I added a couple coats of green spray paint and a coat of polyurethane, and we were good to go!

Then I added all my colored number stickers to my baking sheet.

My little gingerbread "cookies" just needed a quick addition...

and then they were ready to join the "Countdown".

I added a fancy bow to finish it off. Just TEN days left!