Hershey Kiss roses tutorial

I've been wondering for weeks what to get my man for Valentine's Day. I am always at a loss, and then I remember how much he likes food. This year I'm giving him a chocolate rose bouquet, among other things. I thought I would share how I made the Hershey Kiss roses.

Supplies I used:

Red Cellophane
Hershey's Kisses w/ almonds
bamboo skewers
scotch tape
floral tape
scrapbook paper and ribbon for embellishment
Sugar shaker

Start with some bamboo skewers. I painted mine a spring green color. I would have gone darker, but wanted to use stuff I already had.

While your skewers are drying, you'll glue your kisses "bottom to bottom" with a dot of hot glue.

Put a skewer in the end of one kiss and tape it closed around skewer.

Cut your cellophane into squarish pieces (mine were roughly 4in X 4in. VERY roughly)

Fold your cellophane over your Hershey kissed skewer, and twist it closed.

Secure with tape. At this point I wrapped floral tape around the scotch tape for a more finished look, but alas, I forgot to snap a picture of it.

Add greenery by securing it to the skewer with floral tape, or if you're lucky like me, you can just push the skewer through a hole.

I lined my sugar shaker with festive red paper, and filled it with red pistachios...

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