Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies: Tidy Tips.

My baby became mobile about a month ago and is now zooming around the house getting into whatever he can find! He had been somewhat mobile for about 3 months scooting around, but didn't really start crawling until about a month ago. We have started the child proofing and the first thing we did was get all dangerous things up high. Here is what I did with the cleaning supplies to keep them out of babies reach, yet still easy to use.

I bought a couple cleaning caddy's at Target, one for the bathroom supplies, one for everything else. Before having a mobile baby I had the cleaning supplies on lazy susans underneath the sinks in each room, but I like this even better!
I have the caddy's far out of reach, up high in my laundry closet, then I just grab the caddy I need for the room I am going to clean. Easy and convenient.
We are trying to move toward more natural, non chemical cleaners in our house, and are slowing phasing out buying new cleaners at the store. Now if only spring would hurry up and get here, but this weekend we got another few inches of snow. :(

Have you had to baby proof? What are your tricks?