Valentine BOOK PAGE Wreath

I have been LOVING all the pretty Valentine wreaths I have seen in Blogland. I decided I'd make one with things from the Dollar Store, of course, and stuff that I had around my home.

This cute hanging heart was my inspiration...

I have three of these picture backers, that I've been hanging onto, but I could have used a box from the recycle bin for the same effect.

I measured and cut, so I had a cardboard "frame".

I got this little thesaurus from the dollar store, my sister would flip if I used a "real" book. :)

I covered my frame with book pages, and then cut out GOBS & GOBS of little squares.

Then I rounded them a bit.

I think everyone, that attended elementary school, made a green crepe paper Christmas wreath in this same fashion.

Three hours later, I was finished. THREE HOURS! Granted, I was dealing with four children in the interim, but this truly is a tedious craft.

I cut my hanging heart in half, and glued it to some pretty scrap-book paper. (I used my low heat glue gun)

Added a pretty ribbon, and I was finished!